“Let the little children come to Me” -Jesus

Last night we met with 60 or so kids for our weekly Wednesday night children’s church.  We began with worship and then moved into prayer for our schools. It always blesses me to hear even the tiniest of voices praise His name and call down heaven to intervene in our daily lives. The children prayed for friends, teachers, and even animals who are pets in their classroom. 

We had a few children recently come back from the IHOP Children’s Equipping Center with a fresh hunger to share their passion for Jesus with others.  They now want to start a life group that will encourage their friends to be free to worship and pray without fear of what others (especially adults) may think of them. Children really DON’T want praise  or attention for their personal expressions of communication with and love for Jesus. They just want Him.  They really DO want their OWN thing. Their OWN expressions of love. Children  are not just robots who  worship the way we tell them to. They want something REAL.

As adults, we simply  need to do what Jesus commanded in Luke 18:16,   “Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them; for such is the kingdom of God.” Jesus welcomed them because they have the faith  and simplicity to accept and receive His many gifts.  Let’s make certain that we are not hindering the children and that we are  and launching  them out into what God has for them-a true love and  passion for  Jesus  while walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit.


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