Lover of Daddy God

This weekend at Church at the Gate, I will be sharing my testimony of an unplanned pregnancy that I walked through 16 years ago.  By the grace of God, my husband and I  chose life and had our son, Noah. I realized, as I was reflecting on that time,  that  I still have a few of the same  needs now that I did when I was an immature believer.  I had  been through 3 dads by the age of 14 and simply wanted unconditional  daddy, protecting, sit-on-my-lap love. Like most kids without a healthy dad relationship, I still have this need. But, what I now understand is that we cannot count on the humans in our life to fulfill this innermost longing that God places in us. We think our parents or spouses can fill this need in us, but there is nothing that will complete us like Daddy God can. Of course, Children are blessed to have dads who model the love of God. The connection between an earthly father’s love and our heavenly father’s love is greatly connected. I get to see that fruit in my own children’s lives.

 I am learning more and more about how I am a Bride (all of us are) and Jesus is my Bridegroom. God is revealing to me the unconditional love that only He can give me so that I can unconditionally love Him back. It is a circle of love that God started. I can’t do anything to earn this and I can’t force my way into it. Only by His grace can I ultimately move closer to this Love.  As Love is made greater in me, my sinful flesh is inevitably also brought to surface to be burned away.  Love  is jealous and desires to consume the darkness. 

This morning, I was reading The Pleasures of Loving God by Mike Bickle. This book is RICH! Bickle writes that spiritual pleasure gives us power over sin. In Song of Solomon 8:6-7, in which Jesus is speaking, Bickle teaches that God is essentially saying that no matter how much our hearts have been bitter or angry, God’s own love and jealousy can chase down those areas where we are prone stray, IF we yield to His love. So, God, humble me QUICKER and more often! Burn off  any mess inside this flesh. Jesus, I desire to yield to you. Teach me to submit daily.  I beg you to chase down and devour those things down deep in me that are not of you. Less of me and more of You.


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