VBS and prayer

This summer we are planning on hosting a   vacation  Bible school that covers the 2 Old Testament dwelling places of God. We are tentatively calling it   From The Garden of Eden to the Tabernacle. 

Currently, our Saturday evening service kids,  who will help lead the VBS, are memorizing the Shema, the most famous prayer from the Pentateuch as well as  the detailed description of the 7 days of Creation.  (CATG’ers-soon you will encounter the  “Israelite leaders” in full costume coming  before you asking  for the riches that were taken from Egypt.) If you have any ideas to add to our VBS, please let us know and we may be able to incorporate it into the theme.

Jewish boys, including Jesus, would have prayed the Shema and it would have been to taught to him by his earthly father, Joseph.  Please read “Praying the Bible” by Wesley and Stacey Campbell! They have done a wonderful job laying out how  the model of prayer that Jesus lived was filled with rich Jewish traditions and how the prayers were daily and scheduled.

 If Jesus  prayed daily and scheduled prayers,  then how much more should we work at daily, scheduled prayer as well? We need to teach our children how to pray- it is WORK but  it is not optional as a believer.  Wesley Campbell says, and I agree, that it is our God-given duty to teach our children to be friends of God.   We, ourselves, must learn how to pray, and then  instruct our children, but the entire process takes work.

I have found it valuable  to listen to Mike Bickle’s teaching “The Power of a Focused Life” www.ihop.org.  It helped me see   how much time we squander away, and how we must be focused and intentional about our time, or the enemy WILL steal it.  We need to regularly SCHEDULE in our times with God. Jesus did it, so why can’t we ? Then,  our children will see our model and continue in the tradition.

Our goal at CATG children’s ministry is to teach the children  to love the Lord our God (who dwells in us )with our heart, soul, mind and strength. and to love our neighbors as ourselves. These 2 relationships are  heavenly and earthly, and we should pray, as Jesus prayed, “Let  your (God’s) will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”   Children must know that prayer is what brings  Heaven to earth.

We also make sure they know that today,  because of the sacrifice of Jesus,  His resurrection and the Holy Spirit,  the Lord’s dwelling place is in us. We are His temple.


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