Weekly Boost Good Samaritan

Weekly Boost 

Welcome Parents and Guardians!

Hey, guys, sorry so I’ve been irregular with my blog entries  It’s the beginning of a new quarter and I’ve been working on updating rosters, registration sheets, memory verse books, March calendar,etc. We’ve also been working on a lot of things involving the new building–where rooms will be, etc.

Looks like we will be getting video cameras in the classrooms for security and for daycare parents to view their children on line.  It’s all still in the works, but the momentum is building! 

We are also looking into starting a SCRIP program as a way to raise funds for the children’s ministry. For every $1000.00  in HYVEE cards purchased for food and gas, the church gets $50.00. I figure if 50 families commit to $500.00 per month, the church can raise $1250.00 per month for toys, sports equipment, craft supplies, chairs, tables, baby wipes, etc.  If you are interested in heading this up, contact me ASAP!

Also, the church officially has a new 15-passenger van with a wheelchair lift! YAY GOD! WE WILL USE THIS VAN! If you are interested in being a driver for kids, or for adults, let us know ASAP, as well.

We are also looking for someone to head up a coffee ministry. The church acquired some coffee brewing equipment from a coffee shop that went out of business. Call the church or email me if your interested.

The North Campus  Wednesday children’s ministries continues at the Heartland House community room. It is  an amazing   outreach opportunity for families to participate in. My husband, Jim Brown, Tina Miller, and Ann Carroll are heading this up.   Now that we don’t have a North Campus building, we need to be even more intentional about ministries in the north part of our city. As of now, we will be meeting in the community room of the building where most of the kids/single moms live. We really need your hands and feet to serve the very loving children in the North.

Also, we are in great need of a Saturday night preschool and K-1 teacher at the West Campus. We have a great big building that will be filled before we know it and will continue to need more teachers. Also, thinking about summer, we will need summer teachers, as our  regular teachers usually ask for  a break in the summer. WHEW! That was a lot of stuff.

We handed out 70 Justice Loves Babies books this past weekend! I hope you all are enjoying this anointed book by 2 very faithful young women. If you did not get a copy, it should be for sale at IHOP shortly www.ihop.org

This Past Weekend at CATG GOKIDS! Children’s Ministries

NEW MEMORY VERSE BOOKS:We handed out the new Spring 2008  memory verse books. Please work on these with your children. It is an excellent way to stay on track (they are even dated for you) with what the children are learning at church and, along with the weekly boost, you can incorporated the lessons into your daily lives.


“Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God has forgiven you”   Ephesians 4:32

Bible Lesson:
 Jesus Tells About the  Good Samaritan – (Luke 10:25-37) Take some time to read through this passage and talk to your child about what he or she learned this weekend.

Take a night this week to have some teaching fun with your family with one of the following activities related to the Bible lesson:

Fill in the Blank:  Make a list of all the people you know–including neighbors, teachers, church leaders, and acquaintances.  cut the list apart so that  each name is on a different slip of paper. Put the paper slips in a bowl or basket.  Each morning, draw a name and use the name to fill in the blank in the following question: “What does it mean to love (person’s name)?” Think of specific ways to show love to that person–and then commit to acting on one of your ideas.


Spend time in  a weekly devotion together (see below):

Tuesday: 1 John 4:20– “How do you show God you love him?

Wednesday: 1 John 4:21– “How can you show love to someone this week?

Thrusday: 1 John 4:11-12–“How can you know God’s love is “made complete” in you?

Friday: 1 John 3:17-18–“Which of your actions show love?”

Saturday: 1 Peter 3:8–“What are some ways you can show compassion to someone?” 

Weekly Challenge for Children and Parents
In your child’s memory book, there is a journal page and weekly challenges. Please look at the introduction to  the journal and then encourage you child to draw or write the things that God says to him/her or things that he/she wants to say to God. In addition to the ideas in your child’s verse book, here are a couple more for your family:

  • Reminder: Store is rescheduled for May. encourage your child  to work on their verse memorization weekly, reminding them that having the Word in their heart is an eternal blessing, but in the short-term, they get points to spend at the store. **Your children earns points by attending Go Kids!, memorizing scripture and completing their weekly challenges in their Go Kids! Bible Memory Books, and by bringing their Bible and/or friends to church.)

Service Opportunities:Take part in the blessing of serving in Children’s Ministry.  If any of the areas below interest you, please reply to this message or sign up at the Registration Desk.

  1. Children’s Prayer Coordinator Coordinate prayer meeting times for parents and/or teachers and/or children to pray for one another.
  2.   Greeter for new visitors with children during weekend services at the check-in desk- Great parent job.
  3.  Children’s Worship Leader for Wednesday nights or when the new building is opened- Training kids to worship with Instrumental Music, banners, dance, & vocal music.  Will train!
  4. Bible Memory Listener: Listen to children say memory verses at beginning of Children’s Church and pray with them when needed.

 See you this weekend at Go Kids! and Blessings to you and your family.

Tara Brown, Children’s Director


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