Weekly Boost Hope in Jesus

Weekly Boost Welcome Parents and Guardians!

Hey, we are on the countdown for opening the new building! I’m cheering for the 3rd weekend in April, but I am realistically expecting the first weekend in May J

I would love to get your feedback on ideas for decorating, etc. for the new building. If you would like to be a part of the process, please email me your ideas, etc. We have been meeting on Tuesdays from 11:30-1 to bring our ideas to the table. You are welcome to join us!

We will not be meeting April 1, but we will be meeting April 8.NO KIDMO or WEDNESDAY NIGHT ACTIVITIES on April 9 and April 16. We will be having Wednesday night KIDMO on April 23 and the LAST night of KIDMO is April 30. 

May 7th is dress Rehearsal for the STOMP & PRAISE children’s choir program and May 14th is the perfomance of the program. All children are welcome to participate in this including decorating, handing out programs, serving food, ushering, helping with props. We want all children to attend the performance, even if they are not singing. WE will send home reminders of all of these dates

.KIDS FOR CREATION   (KFC) TRAINING CAMP (alternative to traditional VBS) will be held on May 17, 18, and 19th  (SATURDAY through MONDAY) from 6-9. This will be for grades K-5 and parents are encouraged to participate with their child. Talk to Rachel Weisbecker if you have any questions or email me and I will get you in touch with her.

We are planning on transitioning to a new check-in system in which you will scan a barcode per family and then a nametag with a parent receipt will print out. Watch for more details soon so that you can get your barcode assigned to your family.

We are looking forward to our new youth pastor Jared Dupert and his family joining us. They will move here as soon as their townhouse is sold, so pray for a quick sale!  He and I have talked about starting a 5th and 6th grade youth group, so I will keep you up to date on the developments of that.

Still  looking into starting a SCRIP program as a way to raise funds for the children’s ministry. For every $1000.00  in HYVEE cards purchased for food and gas, the church gets $50.00. I figure if 50 families commit to $500.00 per month, the church can raise $1250.00 per month for toys, sports equipment, craft supplies, chairs, tables, baby wipes, etc.  If you are interested in heading this up, contact me ASAP!

Also,again,  the church officially has a new 15-passenger van with a wheelchair lift! YAY GOD! WE WILL USE THIS VAN! If you are interested in being a driver for kids, or for adults, let us know ASAP, as well.

We are still  looking for someone to head up a coffee ministry. The church acquired some coffee brewing equipment from a coffee shop that went out of business. Call the church or email me if your interested.

The North Campus  Wednesday children’s ministries continues at the Heartland House community room The youth group girls and leaders as well as the regular children’s ministry leaders hosted an outreach last Wednesday. The report was that it went very well and they had a great turnout.

This Coming  Weekend at CATG GOKIDS! Children’s Ministries

MEMORY VERSE:“We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance.”  Romans 5:3

Bible Lesson:
Peter Explains Belief in Jesus  1 Peter 1:3-9

Take a night next  week to have some teaching fun with your family with one of the following activities related to the Bible lesson:

Hope Day!    On your family’s calendar, put a circle around one date this week.  Call the day “Hope Day”! Every day this week, build your family’s anticipation by asking, “What do you hope will happen on Hope Day?”  On Hope Day, plan a special, hopeful celebraiton for your evening meal.  Serve your family’s favorite food.  Then have a special dessert.  Talk about what it means to hope in God and how certain we can be that God will always do the best for us. 


Spend time in  a weekly devotion together (see below):

Monday:           Romans 8:28     How can this verse help you the next time you’re worried or afraid?

Tuesday:           Isaiah 41:10      How can this verse help you face your problems?

Wednesday:     Matthew 6:25    Everyone faces problems at times.  How can this verse give you hope?

Thursday:         Psalm 23   How can reading this passage the next time you face trials give you peace?                   

 Friday:         John 3:16  What is God’s promise that can help you through any tough time you could ever face?  

Saturday:          John 16:33  How does it feel to know that Jesus is bigger and more powerful than any trouble you might face?

 Weekly Challenge for Children and Parents
In your child’s memory book, there is a journal page and weekly challenges. Please look at the introduction to  the journal and then encourage you child to draw or write the things that God says to him/her or things that he/she wants to say to God. In addition to the ideas in your child’s verse book, here are a couple more for your family:

 ·         Reminder: Store is rescheduled for May. encourage your child  to work on their verse memorization weekly, reminding them that having the Word in their heart is an eternal blessing, but in the short-term, they get points to spend at the store. **Your children earns points by attending Go Kids!, memorizing scripture and completing their weekly challenges in their Go Kids! Bible Memory Books, and by bringing their Bible and/or friends to church.)

Service Opportunities:

Take part in the blessing of serving in Children’s Ministry.  If any of the areas below interest you, please reply to this message or sign up at the Registration Desk.

  1. Children’s Prayer Coordinator Coordinate prayer meeting times for parents and/or teachers and/or children to pray for one another.
  2.   Greeter for new visitors with children during weekend services at the check-in desk- Great parent job.
  3.  Children’s Worship Leader for Wednesday nights or when the new building is opened- Training kids to worship with Instrumental Music, banners, dance, & vocal music.  Will train!
  4. Bible Memory Listener: Listen to children say memory verses at beginning of Children’s Church and pray with them when needed.

 See you this weekend at Go Kids! and Blessings to you and your family.


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