Prayer Walking and Kids

I am back from Birmingham, Alabama. Our staff attended the ARC conference. Very refreshing and encouraging. Lots of laughter!  It is great to get new ideas, spend quality time with friends and receive confirmation that we are following God’s plan for our particular body of believers. It is exciting to know that we are linked and contribute to  an association that has the bold plan to plant 2000 churches by the year 2020. I believe they are at around 65 already. GO GOD!

Here is a very cool link to Prayer walking and children. 

I plan on showing the kids  this video next Wednesday night at church and then pray in and around the property of our new building that is to open May 5th.

Last Weekend, the folks at Church at the Gate wrote scriptures on the floors in the new Children’s and Youth Equipping Center.  They are  prophetic proclamations over the destinies of the children and the youth as they  grow and are equipped to live out their destinies  in the Lord, and who will eventually be sent out to live victoriously as overcomers and as leaders spreading the gospel of Jesus and having incredibly intimacy with the Lord. whoo!

Be bold and courageous!



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