Kids prayerwalking (part2)

Well, last night, the kids had the opportunity to practice prayerwalking.   I used a  wonderful resource  with Praykids! magazines and issue #8 is all about prayerwalking.  Witht the 50 or so kids ages K-5th grade we talked about why we should prayerwalk–“getting nearer so we can pray clearer”.  Often, God will give us words of knowledge on what to pray for simply by being closer to the place or people he wants to touch.  Of course, God can hear us anywhere, but being in the midst of our school, neighborhood, city park, church playground, etc.  give us clues on how we can pray for those places/people. 

HERE IS THE PRAISE!:  The children and  leaders planned where each group was going and then decided to go (GOKIDS!).  The 2nd and 3rd grade girls decided to head East on the busy 26th street and just kept walking, allowing God to lead them where to go. One of the girls suggested going to the house of one of the girls who was absent last night. The walk was becoming a lot longer than the leader was expecting and she suggested turning around so they could get back to church on time. But, the girls insisted on continuing on the journey.

So, they finally get to the house and the girl’s aunt was there and informed them that their friend had just been taken to the hospital because she fell off the trampoline with  possibly had a broken leg.  Scary, of course, but the girls knew just what to do. They gathered on the girl’s front lawn and prayed for her healing and protection. I finally saw them running back 15 minutes late with their prayerwalking testimony. They were so excited that they had followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and were able to be at the place that they needed to pray.  If they wouldn’t have gone there, they would never had known that their friend was needing prayer.  I believe their faith was greatly increased last night seeing the fruit of trusting the Lord’s leading. My daughter and several others who were with the group planned on following up and calling the mom of the girl when they got home to see how things turned out. The report came back as a clean bill of health!!! Praise the Lord and may the children continue to see miracles and signs and wonders!


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