Prayerwalking & kids (Part 3): Tuning in to God’s voice

One way I tried to help the kids understand prayer walking last week was to help them visualize hearing God’s voice. Earlier this month, our church hosted the Global School of Supernatural Ministry, and during that time, I remember God teaching me about how to hear His voice more clearly. I began to see how hearing God’s voice  is like tuning an AM radio dial into the right frequency (possibly both are vibrations in the air?).   I need to (perhaps it is HOT 77.7) ! I just have to tune Him in. My dear friend, Kristen Hickey, and I were talking about this and she pointed out how radio frequencies come in clearer during the night.  She, appropriately, is  one of the   watchman on the wall listening and crying out to God in the stillness of the night. I also was thinking about the fact that radio frequencies are more difficult to hear during storms ).  The voice is still there, we just need to be very engaged about hearing it.   I remember when I was a kid, I listened to the radio before I went to bed, but there was a lot of noise in my house, so I had to get under my blankets and  even under my pillow to hear the music and the radio announcer.  Today, I see that as a shadow  of a prayer closet.  So, anyway, I shared this whole radio-image-thing  with the kids when I was talking with them  about “getting nearer so  pray clearer”.  I believe when  they position  themselves closer to places or people who need prayer, and listen closely, they can really tune into God’s concerns for the people and places they are near.



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