Prayerwalking-family ideas part 2

I hope you are enjoying the prayerwalking ideas for you and your family to take part in. Blessings to you and your family and here are a few more ideas to choose from:

  • Brainstorm from prayerwalk “prompters.”  For instance, did you notice a house that looks neglected or a car that’s speeding?  Come up with a list of possibilities.  Also, check out the book, Prompts for Praywalking by Steve Hawthorne
  • Prayerwalk your children’s school on a weekend.  Pray for students, teachers, and school issues.  Look up the names of teachers and administrators ahead of time in a yearbook or school directory so you can pray for them by name.  Stop and pray in spots where your children say there has been a conflict, bad attitudes, one child treating another poorly, etc.
  • Check into the six-minute video Prayerwalking for Kids.  (see my previous post for a link).

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