Praying Children 101

I often get questions about children and prayer, and I love to hear that parents  are interested in getting involved with the prayer life of their children.  I am re-reading Let the Children Pray by Esther Ilinsky. She is the founder of the Esther Network International Children’s Global Prayer Movement.   Long name, but her purpose is to mobilize children worldwide to pray for revival in their generation. I believe she has some good answers to questions that parents have regarding prayer and children.  For the next few blogs, I will give you my thoughts on some of these topics, which are generally the same as Esther’s viewpoint. is  a link to kids and parents prayer activities and fun stuff to get you started after you’re done reading this.

Q. Do you teach children about fasting and prayer?  A. Absolutely! Within the context of supervision, children can fast from a meal now and then. But we encourage them to fast from dessert or TV, or video games, or whatever they choose.  Esther shares an example of a 6-yr. old girl who cried and refused to eat when she saw starving children on TV.  The little girl’s parents became worried and sought counsel from Esther.  Esther told the family that they could begin to pray together as a family instead of eating a meal. At that time, they could cry together for those children. That is fasting and praying. When the family began to experience spirituality together, everyone was happier. The child had permission to fast from a meal with supervision, but was taught tha Jesus wanted her to continue to pray.  Blessings and see you CATG kids this weekend!


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