Cleanse my heart, OH GOD!

As Director of an exciting children’s ministry, I am alway anxious to see what God is going to do next. This summer I have really been led to move into the deeper things of the Spirit with the children during our meetings. I use a tool called a “Heart Bucket” of which I adopted from the Children’s leaders at Bethel Church in Redding CA.   It is as simple as a red bucket with a heart drawn on the side. We have been crying out “Create in me a clean heart, OH GOD!” We need to be cleansed from our unrighteousness so that God can fill us to overflowing with the fire of His Holy Spirit. I have been showing the children  how God can literally clean out our hearts. I use  a scrub brush and scrub the inside of the bucket to create the memory and visual imagery of how God can clean us out. Without a clean heart, God cannot pour more of Himself into us. We have been quieting our hearts before Him and asking Him to cleanse us and we have begun to see WORDS of KNOWLEDGE come forth.  Approximately 15 words of knowledge were spoken by children during our Sunday meetings a couple of weeks ago. 90% of the words  were confirmed by either other children in the room or parents who arrived at the end to pick up their kids  or teachers in the room.  Pains in the stomach, ankle, ear, throat, hand, finger, and others were prayed for. As we received the Words of Knowledge, the children corporately layed hands on the individual who needed healing and it was AWESOME to see the faith of children grow even greater!  Pray for our meetings and for the children as we continue to move as the Spirit leads. Praise Jesus for His mighty works  through the  children!


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